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OziExplorer Format files for Android device application – is there an interest?


For philosophical reasons I do not own a mobile phone,  I have not field tested the material on this page.  Feedback on its (in)accuracy is welcome.

OZF files

OziExplorer Android will run on smartphones and tablets which run the Android O/S.

  Reference: OziExplorer 14/05/2019

OziExplorer OZF files are used in conjunction with OziExplorer MAP files to generate a georeferenced image.  It is the preferred format to use when running OziExplorer Android on a mobile device (see box to right).  This arrangement provides real time moving map navigation using the device internal GPS.

Further information can be found on the OziExplorer Android page.

Installation details
Purchase details
Limitations (quite workable) of the free trial version

Sample files for downloading
Irishtown OZF image file OZF map file
Mount Alexander OZF image file OZF map file
Rise and Shine NCROZF image fileOZF map file
Taradale NCR OZF image file OZF map file
The Monk OZF image file OZF map file

Email feedback and/or mobile device screen shots welcome.  If there is an indication of interest I'll include OZF files in the map pages along with the other file formats.

Jase Haysom