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Mt Alexander Walking Tracks Mount Alexander Walking Tracks Map

Mount Alexander is in Victoria, Australia – south of Bendigo, east of Castlemaine.  The Goldfields Track (this section of the track is common to the Great Dividing Trail and the Leanganook Track) crosses Mount Alexander.

The intended hardcopy format for this map is A3.  It is available in two PDF versions: single-sided map only, and double-sided with the map on one side and notes on Mount Alexander on the other.  The double-sided version may be folded into a leaflet format.  First fold the sheet in half with the text on inside, then fold each 'wing' back (that is, with the map on the inside of the fold) in a concertina fashion.

Maps of the Harcourt District are available on the Harcourt Valley Heritage and Tourism Centre website.

Ambiguities and Uncertainties

Shepherds Flat Lookout is sign posted at some locations in the CDNHP as Shepherds Flat.  Shepherds Flat (not clearly defined) is northwest of the Lookout [HVHTC].

Earliest Field Data and Updates

03/07/2013 – Earliest field data.

01/04/2015 – Small cave included (200 m west of South Peak).  Timber cover detail in "plantation area" to west of the Regional Park supplemented by field assessment.

21/10/2016 – Some detail around Barkers Creek Reservoir included.  Indistinct track on route to Shepherds Flat Lookout included.  Version number discontinued, date is available in bottom right corner.

17/09/2017 – Minor and cosmetic changes.

28/03/2018 – The La Larr Ba Gauwa Mountain Bike Park was opened on the 9th March 2018.  Details about the mountain bike component of the Park can be found on this DELWP site.  Public vehicle access to the old plantation area is now restricted by locked gates to "The Oaks" area.  This update includes these gates.

27/06/2018 – Errors on some northings corrected.  (The error was notational, the georeferencing of the MAP and KMZ files was unaffected.)

01/02/2019 – Detail changes, walking tracks graded major, minor, indistinct.

21/12/2022 – Additional data in the vincinity of northern section of the Coliban Main Channel included.  Overall Main Channel alignment improved.

Mount Alexander Walking Tracks Downloads
Single-sided PDF map for printing at A3 (0.5 MB) Download Double-sided PDF map and notes for printing at A3 (4.5 MB) Download
Some points of interest as GPX file (6 kB) Download Listing of POIs as PDF file (10 kB) Download
KMZ file (10 MB, 20 tiles) Download OziExplorer file set (details) (< 4.2 MB) Download
GeoPDF file (< 2.5 MB) Download    
Information on the use of KMZ, GPX and OziExplorer files available above can be found in the Appendix panel of the header menu.
    Mount Alexander Walking Tracks map and the Pine Eradication Program.

The Mount Alexander Pine Eradication Program is coordinated by Connecting Country.

Pine trees (Pinus radiata) are scattered throughout the Mount Alexander Regional Park.  These pines originally seeded from timber plantations that were on the western skirts of the Mount Alexander range.  Several organizations including Connecting Country, the Harcourt Valley Landcare Group and Parks Victoria are working to remove the introduced species.  To help systemize this process CCM prepared a set of georeferenced large scale maps.  The Harcourt Valley Heritage and Tourist Centre saw the potential of combining these maps to produce an overall map – Mount Alexander Walking Tracks – for general use.

The pine eradication map set consists of 13 large scale maps and an index map.  The working maps are in PNG format and georeferenced with OziExplorer, that is, there is a corresponding MAP file for each PNG file.  The locations of pines have been established from georeferenced aerial photographs and from field work.

the index map (0.9 Mb)
one of the large scale maps (1.2 MB)