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A map is a graphical representation of a geographical actuality.  However, though some maps are more representative than others, no map is absolutely correct.  The maps on this site are not exempt from this rule.

Muckleford Forest North Walking Tracks Map

The Muckleford Forest North map sheet covers the entirety of the Maldon Historic Reserve which lies between the Castlemaine–Maldon Road and the Castlemaine–Maldon railway track, and consequently will serve as a stand-alone map for that area.

The map sheet includes a Goughs Range State Park insert.  The scale and chartographical details of the insert match those of the main body map. 

The intended hardcopy size for this map is A3.

Muckleford Forest North
Potential Confusions

TAIT TOWN TRK is signposted TATT TOWN TRK at the northern end.  There a JAMES TRK (north sheet) and a JAMIES TRK (crosses over sheets), however the southern end of JAMIES TRK is sign posted JAMES TRK.  At some locations there are effectively two RAILWAY TRKs running side by side.  An eastern section of PIPELINE TRK is signposted RAILWAY TRK.  There is a SOUTH GERMAN TRK (south sheet) and a SOUTH GERMAN RD (north sheet).  Gowar School and GOWER TRK are intended spellings.


14/04/2017 – Notation changes:'CFA Tower' corrected to 'DELWP Tower', 'Maldon Heritage Reserve' corrected to 'Maldon Historic Reserve'.

04/05/2017 – Increased minor track detail.  Road and track detail in vicinity of Goughs Range Rd included. 07/07/2017 – Increased minor track detail in vicinity of Dunns Reef included.

22/07/2017 – Further minor 4WD track detail included.  Map subtitle is now "Walking Tracks".

15/08/2017 – Goughs Range State Park details included as insert.  The scale and other presentation details match those of the main body map.

02/09/2019 – Increased track detail at east end of railway line.  Increased overlap with South Sheet.

21/09/2019 – Two tracks in Goughs Ranges upgraded.  Minor track error corrected.

Muckleford Forest North Walking Tracks downloads.
PDF file for printing at A3 (0.5 MB) Download KMZ file (insert not georeferenced) (9 MB, 20 tiles) Download
Some points of interest as GPX file (21 kB) Download Listing of above POIs as PDF file (100 kB) Download
OziExplorer file set (details) (< 4.5 MB) Download Geotiff file (insert not georeferenced) (36 MB) Download
The two POI files and the zipped OziExplorer file above are the same as those on the south sheet webpage.