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A map is a graphical representation of a geographical actuality.  However, though some maps are more representative than others, no map is absolutely correct.  The maps on this site are not exempt from this rule.

The CCM Paddys Ranges State Park Maps

These CCM topographical maps cover Paddys Ranges State Park close to Maryborough, Victoria, Australia.  Some of the notable features in the area are Billy Button Hills, Karri Track Camping Area and Settling Ponds Track Picnic Area.  There is a network of designated walking tracks within the park. 

The map were produced as a CCM freelance exercise, not in conjunction with a community group. There are two CCM maps available: Paddys Ranges Overall and Paddys Ranges Centre.  Paddys Ranges Overall covers the entire Paddys Ranges State Park and is intended to provide general access information.  Paddys Ranges Centre map Paddys Ranges Centre map Paddys Ranges Overall map Paddys Ranges Centre covers the part of the park containing the Billy Button Hills, Karri Track Camping Area, Settling Ponds Track Picnic Area and the designated walking tracks. 

In general the main tracks within the park are well signposted.

Parks Victoria Information

Comprehensive Parks Victoria information on the Paddys Ranges State Park is available at the Parks Victoria website.  A Park Note with information about the facilities available at the camp and picnic grounds is available for downloading the Parks web site  (This information is not displayed on the CCM maps.)  For a casual visit to the park the Parks map would serve well.  Also available from the Parks Victoria site is a 64 page Park Management Plan.


As a result of previous mining activity there are some mine shafts within the Paddys Ranges State Park.  Travellers should take care.

Potential Confusions

On the two CCM maps only the boundary of the State Park is indicated; the boundary of the adjoining State Forest is not indicated.  On the ground the southern end of BARTLETT TRK is signposted LOCKWOOD TRK.


26/02/2018 – Increased minor track detail north of Lockwood Track and north of the west end of Possum Gully Track.

    File formats and data

Hardcopy Each map is available for downloading as a PDF file.  The intended print size is A3.

Google Earth and map capable GPS unitsThe maps are also available as high resolution KMZ versions.  The KMZ versions of the map will open in in Google Earth.  The opacity control in the Google Earth sidebar can be used to relate map features to the Google Earth image.  The KMZ versions of the maps can be loaded into Garmin and perhaps other brands of GPS units with map display capabilities.

Points of Interest or WaypointsPoints of interest, POI, also known as waypoints identify salient points within the map for navigation or interest.  The POIs are provided in two file formats: as a GPX file which is suitable for loading into Google Earth or GPS units, and as a PDF file suitable for printing as a hardcopy.  The hardcopy may prove a useful supplement to the digital file as the POI descriptions are more readily accessed.

    Resources accessed in preparing the Paddys Ranges State Park maps

The principal resource is simply boot leather; if a road or track within Paddys Ranges State Park is indicated then CCM has walked it.  Other resources that have been used in the construction of the map are:

Parks Victoria Paddys Ranges (road and track data to be developed),
DELWP Mapshare (road and track data to be developed, cadastre),
Victorian Government Data search (contours, water courses),
Google Earth (timber coverage).

Paddys Ranges State Park Maps Downloads

Paddys Ranges Overall
Single-sided PDF map for printing at A3 (0.5 MB)  Download KMZ file (8 MB, 20 tiles)Download
Paddys Ranges Centre
Single-sided PDF map for printing at A3 (0.3 MB)  Download KMZ file (5 MB, 20 tiles)Download
Paddys Ranges Points of Interest
Some points of interest as GPX file (6 kB)Download POI list as PDF file (< 50 kB)Download
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