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A map is a graphical representation of a geographical actuality.  However, though some maps are more representative than others, no map is absolutely correct.  The maps on this site are not exempt from this rule.

Rise and Shine Bushland Reserve Walking Tracks Map

This map covers the Rise and Shine Bushland Reserve and the adjacent Pickpocket Diggings Heritage and Cultural Features Reserve several kilometres south of Newstead, Victoria, Australia.  There is a self-guided interpretive walk of about 3.5 km in the reserve and information leaflets are available in a box at the Ramsey's Lane entrance.  This map was produced with the encouragement of the Newstead Landcare Group.

The intended hardcopy format (as PDF) for the map is A4.  It can be formed as a leaflet format by folding the left edge of the sheet forward to the guide marks between the main map and title section and then folding that section back.

The map is also available as a KMZ file which will open in in Google Earth.  The opacity control in the Google Earth sidebar can be used to see how the map features correspond with the Google Earth image.  The KMZ file can also be loaded into Garmin and perhaps other brands of GPS units with map display capabilities.

GPX file of points of interest (waypoints)

Rise and Shine Reserve Walking Tracks Points of interest, POI, also known as waypoints identify salient points within the map for navigation or interest.  The POIs for the Rise and Shine Bushland Reserve are provided in two file formats, GPX which is suitable for loading into Google Earth or GPS units, and a PDF suitable for printing as a hardcopy.  (A hardcopy may prove a useful supplement to the digital file as the POI descriptions are more readily accessed.)

For more information on KMZ files, GPX files, Google Earth and GPS receivers refer to MapToGround Resources.


23/09/2015 – Error in legend corrected – 'A3' replaced by 'A4'.

26/06/2017 – Error in contour text corrected – an instance of '270' replaced by '290'.

Rise and Shine Reserve Walking Tracks Downloads
Single-sided PDF map for printing at A4 (0.2 MB) Download
KMZ file (2.4 MB, 12 tiles) Download
Some points of interest as GPX file (2 kB) Download
Listing of above POIs as PDF file (10 kB) Download
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