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A map is a graphical representation of a geographical actuality.  However, though some maps are more representative than others, no map is absolutely correct.  The maps on this site are not exempt from this rule.

Campbells Creek Walking and Cycling Track

This walking and cycling track is known as the Campbells Creek Primary Trail.  It runs from Forest Street, Castlemaine, to Campbells Creek Park.  Except for a detour to avoid a yet to be resolved complication north of Princess Street the track runs alongside (or close to) Campbells Creek.  (More precisely expressed, the track initially runs besides Barkers Creek until the confluence with Forest Creek and thereafter the combined flow is known as Campbells Creek.)  There are several bridges on the route where the track passes over the creek or under roads and the Castlemaine Maldon railway line.  The track crosses flood plains covered with native vegetation and it is remarkable, at some points, how remote an observer can feel from the urban environment to the east. 

The map was produced with the assistance of the Friends of Campbells Creek Landcare group.

Campbells Creek Track Map

The track surface is generally excellent and of low gradient.  The track has many access points along it so there is the opportunity for planning interesting routes.

The intended hardcopy format for the map is A4.

The map is also available as a KMZ file which will open in in Google Earth.  The opacity control in the Google Earth sidebar can be used to see how the map features correspond with the Google Earth image.  The KMZ file can also be loaded into Garmin and perhaps other brands of GPS units with map display capabilities.

Friends of Campbells Creek Landcare Group

The Friends of Campbells Creek Landcare Group was started in 2000 to improve the environmental health of the Creek and make it and the surrounding public land a community asset.  The group has worked with the Mount Alexander Shire Council and government agencies to eradicate weeds, re-establish indigenous vegetation and to improve access to the creek area for recreation and education.  The group's efforts have resulted in the almost complete elimination of blackberry and gorse, the re-establishment of indigenous vegetation and, of course, the walking track.  The group's web page (including contact details) is available at www.focc.org.au.


28/01/2016 – Access point at Camp Crescent included.  Minor detail changes.

06/10/2016 – Minor detail changes.

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