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A map is a graphical representation of a geographical actuality.  However, though some maps are more representative than others, no map is absolutely correct.  The maps on this site are not exempt from this rule.

It is safe to say that for the majority of mankind the superiority of geography over geometry lies in the appeal of its figures.  It may be an effect of the incorrigible frivolity inherent in human nature, but most of us will agree that a map is more fascinating to look at than a figure in a treatise on conic sections – at any rate, for the simple minds which are the equipment of the majority of the dwellers on this earth.

Joseph Conrad. Geography and Some Explorers. National Geographic, March 1924.
Cartography Community Mapping – services

Cartography Community Mapping, CCM, offers pro bono mapping services to non-profit organizations such as Landcare groups.  The maps have proved useful for resource management and as support material for reports and grant applications.

Other non-profit organizations may have application for maps in "how to get here brochures" or for training purposes.

Maps can be provided in any of the standard graphical file formats (usually PDF) and georeferenced formats.

Some of the maps that CCM has prepared are available via the Folio Miscellanea page.

I live in Central Victoria, however if you live elsewhere that is not a concern, we may be able work by email, or I can travel (especially if it is to somewhere I haven't been before ;-).

Cartography Community Mapping – copyright and fair dealing

The CCM topographical maps are available free for personal use.  They are not available for commercial use.

Organizations such as tourist centres and Landcare groups are welcome to distribute hardcopies of the maps for free.

Modifications to the maps in any format by reverse engineering, deletions, additions or other techniques are not permitted.

The only legitimate electronic source of the CCM maps is this site, they must not be loaded (in any format) onto any other distribution entity.

Other websites are very welcome to link to this site.  Link to a page rather than a map so your visitors can view the range of formats available.

Copyright conditions relating to maps and charts (as a PDF file) can be found on the Australian Copyright Council site.

If you require clarification of any of the above please do not hesitate to contact me.

CCM – topographical maps
Castlemaine Region Index Sheet

Cartography Community Mapping, CCM, provides topographical maps of many public access areas in Central Victoria, Australia.  The maps are intended for use by bushwalkers. 

Graphical Indexes to Central Victorian CCM maps

Castlemaine Region Index Sheet is a PDF file for viewing on line or for downloading and printing at A3.  It does not include the Paddy Ranges State Park (south of Maryborough) and Taradale NCR maps.

Central Victorian Outlines is a KMZ file that opens in Google Earth.  It provides the outlines of all the CCM Central Victorian topographical maps overlaying the Google Earth terrain image.  Clicking within a map outline will provide access to the corresponding CCM web page.

The Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park

The Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park, CDNHP, stretches some 25 kilometres north to south.  CCM provides seven topographical maps that cover the bulk of the CDNHP.  These topographical maps show access roads, walking tracks and other features.  The basic file format for these maps is PDF intended for printing at A3 (with the exception of one map intended for printing at A4).  In addition there are digital versions of each map available for map capable GPS units or for application with Google Earth.

Further detail about these maps is available on the Castlemaine Diggings Index page.

Other Topographical Maps

Mount Alexander is south of Bendigo and east of Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia.  The Mount Alexander page has a topographical map that provides a guide to walking tracks, access roads, and other features (including, of course, contours ;-) within the park.

The area known informally as Muckleford Forest, is west of Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia.  It is composed of the Maldon Heritage Reserve, the Muckleford State Forest and the Muckleford Nature Conservation Reserve.  CCM provides a topographical map in two sheets that cover Muckleford Forest.

The Post Office Hill Reserve is at Chewton, Victoria, Australia.  The Post Office Hill Reserve page has a topographical map (including a locality insert) that provides a guide to access roads, and features within the reserve.

The Rise and Shine Bushland Reserve is south of Newstead, Victoria, Australia.  The Rise and Shine page has a topographical map (including a locality insert) that provides a guide to walking tracks, access roads, and other features within the reserve.

The Campbells Creek Track is south of Castlemaine, Victoria Australia. The Campbells Creek page has a map of a walking and cycling track that follows the creek from Castlemaine to Campbells Creek.

The Taradale Nature Conservation Reserve is to the east of Taradale, Victoria, Australia.  The Taradale NCR page has a topographical map that provides a guide to walking tracks within the Reserve and the adjacent Metcalfe State Forest.

Paddys Ranges State Park is to the south of Maryborough, Victoria, Australia.  The Paddys Ranges State Park page has two maps of the Ranges, an overall map and a more detailed, central map.  The overall map includes a locality insert.

CCM – Appendices

The several appendices (the last item on the header menu) that contain information on the location of geographical map features, the format conventions adopted in CCM maps, the 'additional' files (KMZ, GPX) available for downloading, various links and other miscellanea.

Android device owners

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